Mitgliedsbeitrag  Membership fee  

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is € 70,- per person (single members)

If two or more persons are members of the class association the fee from the second person on is reduced to € 50,- (following members)


Payments has to be received by the association before 15. Februar of the year.


bank account


After this date the contribution increases € 10,- euros per person. The consideration of regattapoints in the national ranking list ensures exclusively from the date on the membership fee has arrived at the class association.

The payment of the contribution is a basic condition for the claim of all achievements of the class association such as

  • participation of trainings of the class association (Eastertrainingsweek in Izola too)
  • participation at nat. class ranking list regattas
  • admission in the Austrian class ranking list