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Marry X-mas!


Dear sailors,


the new Excetutive Committee wishes all sailors, parents and trainers


marry x-mas and nice festive days!


All those sailors, witch take advantage of the holidays we wish good wind and a lot of fun. To alle others restfull holydays and a loooot of snow!!


As a "Christmas Present" the temporary regatta calendar with trainings for 2014. here


The modefor the EC / WC-qualification und the national ranking list and the factors for the regattas will be fixed in January.


Your Exectutice Committee






Winter Training Camp in Izola


Dear sailors,

some of You burn with impatience for the new sailing season and they want to improve their competence. So, not only for cracks, for beginners and those who witched class we have something against your urgent necessity too.

This is quiet a good attitude and for all of You who do not know what Santa could bring for X-mas, this would be a really good present!


Training in Izola with Janez Mrak druing the X-mas holidays!

     Link to his announcement: here

     Have a lot of fun for the training!!

Your Exectutive Committee





National regatta at Achensee - CANCLED!


Dear sailors,


we have been informed by the people in charge from the Sailingclub TWV Achensee that the nat. regatta in the 420 Class (13.-14.7.2013) has been cancled due to poor registations (only 3!).


As we can find an adequate regatta for the drop out in the official rankinglist the class comitee reserves the right to nominate an alternative one for cancellation.






Results of the qualification for EC/WC

After analyzing the last qualification-regatta the following sailors (helmsmen) are qualified  for the EC / WC
(apparance accoring to the place in the qualification):

  1. Thomas Fellerer
  2. Georg Steinthaler
  3. Angelika Kohlendorfer
  4. Anna Luschan
  5. Niko Kampelmühler
  6. Julia Hasenöhrl
  7. Christoph Haan


WM - already registered:

  • Angelika Kohlendorfer / Jakob Waldhöhr


EM - already registered are the 4 participants of the EUROSAF

  • Anna Luschan / Evi Buttinger
  • Julia Hasenöhrl / Johanna Daum
  • Thomas Fellerer / Marino Müller
  • Niko Kampelmühler / Patrick Christa


If otherqualified sailors decide to participate in the EC we request for a quick registration up to and including Wednesday, 10th of Juliy 2013 at Heidrun resp. Martin. Accomodation and arrangements for getting there and back home has to be organized by the sailor(s), support during the regatta could be offered due to the available possibilities. Detailed informations at Heidrun or Martin as well.






420 World and Ladies World Championships 2013 - Valencia


Dear sailors,


for all of You, who are concidering to participate at the 420 World and Ladies World Championships 2013 at Valencia have to tell me this until 29.6.!


Announcments until now:

Kohlendorfer / Waldhör




Congratulations to Fellerer / Müller - the new Austrian National Champions

The International Austrian Championships 2013 in the 420 class during the Spring Cup at Neusiedl is now history. Under great premisses all 8 races with various wind conditions could be done.
On the first day light to medium winds, challenging strong winds on the second day and shifting light wind on the third day. The Hungarian duo Bihary / Bihary sailed in another class and gained a superior victory.
Thomas Fellerer and Marino Muller laid thier basement for the national title probably on the second day, where they could demonstrate their power in strong wind. On the third day the decision get quite close, as the second Niko Kampelmühler and Patrick Christa speed up and won the last race.

The podium of the Austrian National Championships 2013:

  1. Thomas Fellerer (YESStPö) / Marino Müller (KYCK)  als Gesamtdritte
  2. Niko Kampelmühler (YCH) / Patrick Christa (YCH)
  3. Anna Luschan (UYCWs) / Evi Buttinger (YCM)


A really great sailing weekend at the Union Yacht Club Neusiedlersee with exciting matches and an excellent race committee.


Link to results

Report on International 420 Class Association

(heidrun 2013-05-21, tl. martin)