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JEC Riva - AUT Team started

Yesterday the seven AUT Teams started in the first races of the Junior European Championships in Riva at Lake Garda in Italy. Until next Friday they will fight for top ranks among Europe´s best 420 sailors.


The team spirit is high and the team had excellent preparation by the trainers Christoph Sieber and Rian Pilepic since Tuesday in trainings focussing on the specialties of Lake Garda and on regatta tactics.

All news and results can be found at the event microsite of the International 420 Class Association www.420sailing/org


We cross our fingers for the team - Good Luck in Riva :-)


Christian (12-8-2012)


420 Worlds Neusiedl - Qualifying Series finished - one AUT Ladies Team qualifies for Gold Fleet

Light wind from SW today in the afternoon was enough to finish the 6th race and with that the qualifying series today.


All news and results can be found at - the AUT Teams continued to fight hard with the best of the world and achieved a few top 10 rankings. However only one Ladies team, Tanja Frank and Anna Scharnagl, made it to the gold fleet for the finals that start friday.


420 Ladies:

  • 33. Frank/Scharnagl -> Gold Fleet
  • 40. Schöfegger/Leitner -> Silber Fleet
  • 49. Hasenöhrl/Daum -> Silber Fleet
  • 64. Hollenstein/Schaffer -> Silber Fleet
  • 65. Lovrek/Hofbauer -> Silber Fleet
  • 66. Kohlendorfer/Lovrek -> Silber Fleet
  • 68. Abbrederis/Feurstein -> Silber Fleet
  • 69. Lenz/Lenz -> Silber Fleet
  • 70. Just/Kampelmühler -> Silber Fleet

420 Open:

  • 46. Scharnagl/Schalli -> Silber Fleet
  • 50. Trippolt/Bildstein -> Silber Fleet
  • 63. Maetz/Waldhör -> Silber Fleet
  • 81. Quendler/Quendler -> Bronze Fleet
  • 84. Palme/Palme -> Bronze Fleet
  • 88. Haan/Koller -> Bronze Fleet
  • 91. Fellerer/Müller -> Bronze Fleet
  • 96. Kern/Kobale -> Bronze Fleet
  • 97. Chalupsky/Allram -> Bronze Fleet
  • 98. Bäumel/Hußl -> Bronze Fleet
  • 101. Christa/Strobl -> Bronze Fleet
  • 102. Schobel/Rohde -> Bronze Fleet


Now everybody is enjoying the pasta party that will emerge as sailors party later. Tomorrow is layday and starting friday the teams fight for the medals.


Christian (1-8-2012)


Junior European Championships Riva - participants briefing

Following AUT Teams are registered for the Junior European Championships from 9.8. to 17.8. in Riva del Garda.

  • Bernhardt Haan / Christoph Koller
  • Stefan Scharnagl / Adrian Schalli
  • Thomas Fellerer / Marino Müller
  • Laura Schöfegger / Anna Leitner
  • Anna-Katharina Scharnagl / Raphael Hußl
  • Julia Hasenöhrl / Johanna Daum
  • Constantin Maetz / Jakob Waldhör

Trainers will be Christoph Sieber of the Austrian Sailing Federation as Head Coach and Rian Pilepic from JK Burja in Izola Slovenia. Please be punctual at the first AUT Team meeting on Tuesday 7.8. at 13h in the Yachtclub Fraglia Vela Riva where you will receive further instructions from Christoph Sieber.

Our team accomodation - Residence Spiaggia - is booked from Sat 4.8. to Sat 18.8. - who wants to arrive earlier than Tuesday is welcome to do so.

Christian (1-8-2012)



Bildstein / Bildstein are Austrian 420 Champions 2012

Over and out today - no wind today. At least the morning rain gave way to cloudy skies and some sun. So the race committee could release the teams around noon at 0 bft.

Yesterday´s result after 7 races - corrected for the protests - is also the final result of the 2012 Austrian 420 Championships. Final result attached.

Gold - Silver - Bronze go to:

  1. Benjamin Bildstein (YCB) / Simon Bildstein (YCB)
  2. Bernhard Haan (YCP) / Christoph Koller (YCP)
  3. Hubert Kern (KYCK) / Konstantin Kobale (UYCWö)


A sensational sailing weekend at the Yachtclub Podersdorf with exciting races and an exceptional race committee lead by Andrea Martens and her team from several lake Neusiedl yachtclubs.

Ranking list is updated.

Christian (10-6-2012)


Austrian Championship Day 3 - plenty of wind

Best sailing conditions at the third day of the Austrian 420 Championship. Heavy thunderstorms have passed through the area over night but this morning lake Neusiedl presented itself nice again. Strong wind from northwest with 4 to 5 bft, later slowing to around 3 bft. Cloudy sky but no rain (only now a few drops).

Three races were sailed, totalling 7 (1 discard) now. The leader group becomes clearer with each race and we should see an exciting match for the top three spots tomorrow.

Predicition for tomorrow is light wind from northwest in the morning, turning to south including sunshine during the day. Let´s wait how the weather really is tomorrow :-)

Christian (9-6-2012)


Austrian Championship Day 2 - never trust the weather report

Predicted was wind from south like yesterday, what happened was light wind from northwest late morning that was strongest with around 4bft over noon.

That was enough for one completed race. Two more trials had to be cancelled because of lack of wind. The interim result contains 4 races now, that means the championship is valid in any case.

Also the predicted weather change is not visible yet, it is still hot and humid. Let´s wait what the night brings.

Christian (8-6-2012)


Austrian Championship Day 1 - 3 races and excellent sailing weather

Waiting the whole morning has paid off for the 29 teams. In the afternoon southerly winds with up to 20kn kicked in and that in bright sunshine and around 28 degrees.

Three races were sailed under the supervision of the excellent race committee lead by Andrea Martens. Interim result attached.

Today the races should continue under similar conditions, and for tomorrow wind from west (unfortunately including rain) is predicted. Best conditions for an exciting Austrian Championship.

Christian (8-6-2012)


Spring Cup 2012 - HUN Teams dominate first regatta day

Postcard weather, many motivated sailors and a great regatta organisation define the Spring Cup 2012 since yesterday at lake Neusiedl.

In light to medium winds from NW and temperatures around 25 degrees the AUT teams had trouble holding the strong competition from 4 nations (AUT, CZ, HUN, SVK) at bay yesterday. After 2 races 5 HUN Teams build the leader group among the 30 competitors. 4 AUT teams in the top 10.

Christoph Marsano of the UYCNs and his team have put together a great event. Several international race judges on the water, all Optimist and Zoom8 class boats equipped with GPS trackers and Christoph himself moderates an exciting live broadcast for the parents that can also be followed via internet at

The end result will be calculated after up to 6 races and we cross our fingers for a good performance of the AUT teams in Neusiedl.

Christian (27-5-2012)


Scharnagl/Schalli best AUT Team in Workum

The scores are counted at the end - how true. The last regatta day in Workum brought quite a few BFDs to the Austrian teams so that the final ranking changed siginificantly from the day before.

Endresult 420er after 9 Races (1 Discard):

  • 9. Scharnagl/Schalli
  • 10. Schöfegger/Leitner
  • 12. Haan/Koller
  • 14. Hasenöhrl/Daum
  • 17. Scharnagl/Wieser
  • 19. Fellerer/Müller
  • 25. Quendler/Quendler
  • 27. Bäumel/Hussl
  • 28. Maetz/Waldhör
  • 31. Schobel/Rhode
  • 32. Hollenstein/Schaffer
  • 34. Lenz/Lenz
  • 37. Abbrederis/Feurstein
  • 39. Drexel/Drexel

The teams expected more for themselves in Workum this year. However thanks to the organizers for an excellent Dutch Youth Regatta 2012. See you next year :-)

Christian (21-5-2012)


Workum Day 3 - 2 x AUT Ladies in then Top 10

On the third day of the Dutch Youth Regatt 3 races could be sailed exactly to schedule. And the AUT Ladies continue strong. With Schöfegger/Leitner and Scharnagl/Wieser are two teams among the top 10 after 7 races (1 discard) - followed closely by the two teams that match each other for the top spot in the Austrian ranking list, Scharnagl/Schalli and Haan/Koller.

  • 7. Schöfegger/Leitner
  • 9. Scharnagl/Wieser
  • 11. Scharnagl/Schalli
  • 12. Haan/Koller
  • 17. Hasenöhrl/Daum
  • 19. Fellerer/Müller
  • 25. Quendler/Quendler
  • 27. Maetz/Waldhör
  • 28. Bäumel/Hussl
  • 31. Hollenstein/Schaffer
  • 32. Schobel/Rhode
  • 33. Lenz/Lenz
  • 36. Abbrederis/Feurstein
  • 39. Drexel/Drexel

Good luck today for the finish day to all teams!

Christian (20-5-2012)


Finally wind in Workum - AUT Ladies in the lead

Today finally the wind arrived in Workum so that three races could be sailed. And like in Kreuzlingen a ladies team, Schöfegger/Leitner, is best positioned among the Austrians. And also the leaders in the Austrian ranking list, Haan/Koller, were able to improve significantly over yesterday.

Interim result after 4 races:

  • 10. Schöfegger/Leitner
  • 13. Haan/Koller
  • 16. Scharnagl/Wieser
  • 21. Scharnagl/Schalli
  • 22. Fellerer/Müller
  • 23. Hasenöhrl/Daum
  • 27. Maetz/Waldhör
  • 28. Quendler/Quendler
  • 29. Bäumel/Hussl
  • 30. Hollenstein/Schaffer
  • 31. Schobel/Rhode
  • 32. Lenz/Lenz
  • 35. Abbrederis/Feurstein
  • 39. Drexel/Drexel

We continue to cross our fingers for good wind, good weather and excellent results for the AUT teams in the days to come :-)

Christian (18-5-2012)


Coaching Dutch Youth Regatta in Workum

DYR 2011 - 420 Class

The preparations of teams and trainers for the "Dutch Youth Regatta" from 17. to 20. May 2012 in Workum, Netherlands, are running.

The A-Team of the Austrian Sailing Federation (ÖSV) will be present with their trainer Christoph Sieber, and also the 7 Teams of the Vorarlberg Sailing Federation (VLSV) will be coached by Max Trippolt during the races.

For all other teams that participate in Workum the Class Association is happy to try organizing a regatta coach too if there is enough interest. We need minimum 5 Teams (10 sailors) to do so in a cost efficient manner. Please let me know via Email to if you want such a coaching. The cost will be divided by the participants, usually they are in the range of EUR 150,- to EUR 200,- per person.

And register urgently if you have not done so. In Workum there is a maximum of 60 entries in the 420 class.

Christian (15-4-2012)


Interested in Class Association Coach (status 22.04.):
- Tanja Frank (UYCNs) / Oliver Strobl (BYC)
- Constantin Maetz (YCP) / Jakob Waldhör (YCP)


Great start into the season - Haan/Koller 5th at the IZOLA Spring Cup

Angelika Kohlendorfer (li) / Elsa Lovrek (re) 3.-bestes Damenteam mit Vorschoterin Valentina Hofbauer (nicht im Bild)

Two AUT Teams among the Top 10 - 5th Haan/Koller and 9th Scharnagl/Schalli - and one AUT Ladies Team among the Top 3 Ladies - 11th Lovrek/Hofbauer - the season could not have started better. The 23 AUT Teams in the 25. IZOLA Spring Cup, with 65 participating teams from 7 nations a real "big event" this year, did a really good job overall.


Christoph Sieber´s winter training in Palma de Mallorca with the 5 A-Teams has paid off! With Haan/Koller 5th - Scharnagl/Schalli 9th - Fellerer/Müller 12th  - Schöfegger/Leitner 20th - Scharnagl/Wieser 24th almost all of them ranked in the upper third of the strong regatta field.


And also the Teams of the Performance Groups from the Easter Training have called to our attention! With Lovrek/Hofbauer 11th - Palme/Palme 14th -  Hasenöhrl/Daum 26th this years qualification for the EM in Riva will certainly be exciting.


The training week before the regatta went great thanks to the excellent trainer team Christoph Sieber (ÖSV) - Max Trippolt (YCB) - Hanno Sohm (YCB) - Rian Pilepic (JK Burja). And despite the partially bad weather during the week I am sure that all teams got a great deal of motivation for the coming season. 


Happy Easter :-)

Christian (9-4-2012)


Scharnagl/Schalli win 28. Spänglercup

At the front this weekend had a great match between Stefan Scharnagl at the helm and crew Adrian Schalli against team Haan/Koller at the 28. Spänglercup in St. Gilgen. At the end the stronger nerves prevailed and Scharnagl/Schalli gained over 97 points for their standing in the ranking list closing in on Haan/Koller now.

Lake Wolfgang showd his best side so that all five regattas could be sailed. Challenging for the sailors was only a thunderstorm saturday like two years ago. But picking up flipped over boats and the sailors is now already somehow a routine for the regatta organisation :-)

All in all a great event with a high class competitor field. Congratulations to the organizers of the Union Yachtclub Lake Wolfgang and their sponsors!

The ranking list is updated and I urge those that have not submitted all their data to do so. All those that have not registered with the Class Association yet please register, your skippers cannot collect points for the ranking list otherwise. (yellow markers in the ranking list)

Chrisian (7-5-2012)


Bernhard Haan
Tanja Frank
Stefan Scharnagl
Constantin Maetz
Adrian Schalli
Christoph Koller
Raphael Hussl
Oliver Strobl
Jakob Waldhör

Award Ceremony Ranking List 2011

During the opening of the Easter Training in Izola Christoph Sieber of the Austrian Sailing Federation awarded the winners of the Austrian 420 Ranking List 2011.


  1. Alexander Kohlendorfer - YCP (not present)
  2. Bernhard Haan - YCP
  3. Tanja Frank - UYCNs
  4. Stefan Scharnagl - SCM
  5. Clearance Veraar - YCB (not present)
  6. Constantin Maetz - YCP


  1. Adrian Schalli - YCP
  2. Christoph Koller - YCP
  3. Raphael Hussl - YKA
  4. Oliver Strobl - BYC
  5. Jakob Waldhör - YCP
  6. Simona Borosova - YCS (not present)



Christian (2-4-2012)


Additional ASP in Kreuzlingen 12. /13. May

We have decided to take one additional regatta outside Austria into this years calendar. The Youth Regatta in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, from 12th to 13th May 2012. This regatta is is the first in the Quattro Laghi Series 2012 and will attract more than 30 strong 420 teams from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

With this additional regatta all interested teams of the Class Association should have a fair chance of fullfilling the qualification criteria for European and World Championships with justifiable travel amount.

For the Executive Committee (28-3-2012)


19 Teams already registered for Easter Training in Izola

Thank you for the many registrations for the Easter Training 2012 in Izola :-) 18 teams will be there, meaning 36 teenagers and additionally around 20 trainers and parents.

Registered are until now ( x beside the name means fax entry not received yet):

  • ÖSV Team: Haan/Koller - Scharnagl/Schalli - Scharnagl/Wieser - Schöfegger/Leitner - Fellerer/Müller
  • Performance Groups: Daum / Hasenöhrl - Maetz / Waldhör - Kampelmühler / Just - Lenz / Lenz - Rhode / Schobel - Chalupsky / Allram - Drexel / Drexel - Kobale / Kern - Hofbauer / Lovrek - Palme / Palme - Schaffer / Hollenstein - Lovrek / Kohlendorfer (x) - Bildstein (x) / Quendler (x) - Hussl / Bäumel (x)
  • Parents: Schalli/Schalli - Lenz - Daum - Chalupsky/Chalupsky - Drexel/Drexel - Scharnagl/Scharnagl - Palme/Palme - Müller/Müller - Hussl/Hussl

Anybody who still wants to register please do that urgently as we have to fix the rooms now with the hotel.

Christian (2-3-2012)


Notices of Race and Online Registration

The west of Austria is still drowning in snow but in the east the last couple of days already made hungry for spring. That may have motivated many of the Yachtclubs to put their notices of race and online entry forms on their websites already. I have updated our regatta calendar accordingly.

  • 28. Spänglercup, UYCWg, 5.-6.5. - NoR and Online Entry
  • ÖSTM 420er, YCP, 7.-10.6. - NoR and Online Entry
  • Kieler Woche, KYC, 18.-24.6. - NoR and Online Entry
  • 420 WM, Neusiedl, 27.7.-5.8. - NoR
  • ÖJM 2012, SCTWV + YKA, 17.-22.8. - NoR and Online Entry
  • Vbg. LM 420er, YCB, 8.-9.9. - NoR and Online Entry


Please check on the registration deadlines and register in time. International regattas (e.g. Kieler Woche, Dutch Youth Regatta) often have a limited number of entries they accept. Register early if you want to participate to avoid that your entry is not accepted any more.

Christian (21-2-2012)


Tipps from the Pro - ASF trainer Christoph Sieber explains how to get your 420 ready for the season


Tipps how to prepare your boat from ASF Trainer Christoph Sieber

Especially during the winter you have time to prepare yourself for the upcoming regatta season including international events. To avoid problems like the Austrian Team had during the 2011 European Championships I provide you with information on the necessary condition of your boat and material to make the otherwise cumbersome measurement procedure easy and what spare parts are recommended to have with you on regatta events.
Attached you find a list of necessary items to be prepared for training and regatta. I am happy about feedback and any suggestions for improvement of the document. 
Christoph (10-2-2012)


Kieler Woche at the boot in Düsseldorf

Monday 23.01.2012 the traditional "Kieler Woche Treff" was held at the boot in Düsseldorf. For all that did not have the opportunity to be there a summary clip is available.

Details on the Kieler Woche you can find on Facebook and at

Christian (27-1-2012)


Online Training starts

Our Easter training in Izola is still a while away. But you can already start your mental and indoor training now. The International 420 Class Association offers free online training videos that have been produced in cooperation with the 420 coach Nick Drougas.

The videos can be downloaded at or watched on YouTube

Christian (25-1-2012)


Invitation from Ireland

Our Secretary for Public Relations Lisi Lovrek has established contacts to our Irish colleagues already last season. And now they are warmly inviting us to participate in their events.

For those teams that count on a chance to participate in the ISAF World Championships 2012 in the Dublin Bay in July the Irish Championships from 12. to 15. April 2012 offer a perfect training ground in the same area. Details at

420 dinghies for rent are available at Curradinghy or from Lisi´s contacts in Ireland. And the Royal Marine Hotel offers special packages for the event.

Christian (23-1-2012)


International 420 Class Association Launches New Website

The International 420 Class Association announces the launch of its brand new website to showcase the 420 Class around the world.

Alongside all the usual information about the International 420 Class Association and the benefits and excitement of sailing a 420, the website boasts user tools which shall maximise the platform as the hub of worldwide 420 news and activities, and set a new standard in usability for class association websites.

The website has been designed with a fresh new look and high-tech underpinnings. Information is linked, making it easy to find related content, such as events, national class associations, training, development, technical issues and provide introductions to other areas of content.

Try it out at

Christian (21-1-2012)


Semester Training Zadar Sa 4.2. - Sa 11.2.

If there is enough interest our sailing secretary Alexander Kohlendorfer has offered to organize a training in Zadar, Croatia, during the semester school holidays.

Timing: Sa 4.2. to Sa 11.2. - we are happy to take participants from west Austria for half of the week because of the shifted school holidays (unfortunately trainer Stefan Hess is only available during the Vienna semester school holidays)

Trainer: Stefan Hess

Cost: Trainer cost incl. hotel app. EUR 200,- per day, cost per sailor proportional to final number of participants / additionally proportional cost for motorboat transport + gasoline and berth / calculation and payment in Zadar

Hotel: Falkensteiner Borik - a room contingent at a special rate will be available

Contact: Alexander Kohlendorfer - - Mobile +436643363915

Please contact Alexander directly until end of the week if you are interested in participating.

Christian (10-1-2012)


Belgian 420 Class Association - Regatta Information

The belgian 420 Class Association invites everyone to participate in the following regattas:

  • Nieuwpoort Week - 30. June to 4. July 2012
  • Open Belgian Championships - 8. to 9. September 2012

Those regattas have large internationally competitive fleets, but they are no focus regattas of the Austrian 420 Class Association. Details can be found on the homepage of the belgian 420 Class Association at

Christian (7-1-2012)

Happy New Year - preliminary Regatta Calendar online

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all 420 sailors!

The preliminary regatta calendar 2012 is already online so that you can start planning your weekends and vacations for the season. 

The calculation method for the ranking list and the qualification criteria for international championships will be published until end of January here on the homepage.

And to prepare yourself optimally for the 2012 season the Class Association will offer an Easter Training in Izola again. Details will also be available until end of January here on the homepage.

Christian (4-1-2012)