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International 420 Class

Technical Data




  4.20 m

  1.63 m

  6.26 m






  ideal: 110-130 kg


The 420 Dinghy has a length of 4,20 m, a draught of 20cm without skeg and rudder and weighs app. 80 kg. The rigg consists of a 6,26 m mast and a 2,50 m boom. The mast is stabilized by two steel wire ropes on the side (the shrouds) and one steel wire rope at the bow (the forestay).


Every 420 Dinghy has three different sails: the mainsail with an area of 7,45 m2, the foresail with an area of 2,8 m2 and a spinnaker, a lightweight round bodied sail, with an area of 9 m2.